Indiana Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Floods are common in every part of the U.S. including Indiana. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, at least 90% of all disasters that occur in the nation include seasonal storms, inland flashing, and flash floods.

Therefore, flood insurance is essential for everyone even if you are not living in a high-risk area. Midwest Insurance & Financial Services brings you a comprehensive flood insurance policy that will meet all your needs. Our coverage is structured to protect all property owners against the widespread flood damage.

Our flood insurance policy covers the following areas:

  • Essential Systems in Your Home: Our flood insurance policy includes all the electrical and plumbing systems in your home including but not limited to furnaces, heat pumps, sump pumps, water heaters, and even central air conditioners. Our coverage extends to water tanks, fuel tanks, and solar energy equipment.
  • Window Treatment and Carpeting: If you have a permanently fixed carpeting on your home's floor, it can be protected it under our policy. Window treatment and carpeting package also cover other types of flooring that you may have in your house such as a wooden floor. Our flood insurance policy will also cover window treatments and blinds.
  • Personal Property: Our flood insurance policy also protects your personal property in your homes such as furniture and clothing. We also cover all the electrical equipment that you may have in your homes such as television and sound systems.
  • Walls, Anchorage Systems, and Staircases: This protection plan means that we protect the entire housing structure. We value our customers, and we will help you build a new home if your current one is destroyed beyond repair.
  • Structures Attached to Your House: Our comprehensive flood insurance policy will also cover all the structures that are attached to your house such as a gazebo or a garage.

Are you a homeowner in Indiana looking for a comprehensive flood insurance? Contact Midwest Insurance & Financial Services today to speak with one of our agents and have your questions answered.

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