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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

It requires a lot of effort and patience to grow your small business startup into a successful multinational venture. Apart from the capital and the human resources that you need, a commercial insurance policy is a necessity since it protects your business in Indiana from a wide range of unforeseen risks that could lead to significant financial losses. At Midwest Insurance & Financial Services, we are dedicated to ensuring that your business doesn’t suffer financial losses due to liability, natural disaster, vandalism, theft, and much more. Our policies are designed to fit the specific risks that your enterprise faces during its operations. Here is what our commercial insurance policy covers:

Business Property Coverage

Our business property coverage covers any damage to the building that houses your business as well as the other business property inside the building including but not limited to your business inventory and furniture. We shall meet the cost of repairing your business premises when certain natural disasters strike. We shall also meet the cost of replacing the business assets that you may lose in the process.

General Liability Coverage

Our general liability coverage protects you, your business, and employees from all claims that involve property damage and bodily injury. If your customer files damages against your company, our general liability coverage will come into play and ensure that your business doesn't suffer any financial losses. Our general liability coverage also covers advertising injury and personal injuries such as slander and libel. If a customer slips and falls in your business premises, we shall pay the hospital expenses and negotiate for an out-of-court settlement. However, if the matter ends up in court, we shall meet the cost of your legal fees and settle any compensation that the court may award the complainant.

Business Interruption Coverage

Our business interruption coverage focuses on three key components:

  • the business income that will cover you if your business remains closed due to unavoidable circumstances
  • the extra expenses that you may incur if you are forced to relocate to another business location
  • payroll coverage will ensure that you continue to pay your employees even though your business remains closed due to a covered event

Are you a business owner in Indiana? Contact Midwest Insurance & Financial Services today for a commercial insurance policy and to learn more about the benefits.

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